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Ants in your home? Call (207) 712-0364 today !


Many times, carpenter ants come into your
house to find or build themselves a new
location. Unfortunately, these pesky ants cause
 severe damage to your home, especially wood,
so you want to keep them out for good! If they
find what they're looking for, the scout ants
will mark a trail back to the colony for others
to follow. When ants infiltrate your home,
their sheer number can be overwhelming! If
you live in the Sebago Lakes region, and have
found ants in your home, you've come to the
right place. Call our professionals right away!


We'll put more than 25 years of pest control experience to work for you,

and create a custom solution to solve your home's ant problem quickly and

efficiently. When you call Lake Region Pest Control to solve your ant problem,
You'll receive:


• The best possible ant control for your home

• Over 25 years experience in the pest control industry

• A custom solution to your home's ant problem

• Professional service you can count on!


When you're ready to rid your home of pesky ants, call the professionals

at Lake Region Pest Control. You'll receive fast, friendly service that you can

depend on! Call us anytime at 207-712-0364. We'll be happy to come up with

an ant control plan that's perfect for you!


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